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Here Comes Dot Com
A new superhero is born and her name is Dot Com. On a stormy night in Washington, D.C. Tommy Golden is working late when suddenly the power goes out in his office. After locating a flashlight, he is startled by the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. She has mysteriously escaped from the computer and is standing before him. When she tells him her name is "Dot Com," he can't help but laugh. The new friends tour Washington, D.C. Using her super computer power, Dot soon discovers a plot to blow up the Pentagon at noon on the 4th of July. The drama of the story continues as Dot and her friends seek help from the President of the United States, Dragonfly Lizards, General Wingspan, Flighty, and all of the American People.  
Can Dot Com and her friends prevent this disaster? There's only one way to find out.

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Here Comes Dot Com


The Little Blind Shepherd
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